Practice Areas

Health Care Law

Because there are located in the city of La Plata, neuralgic headquarters prepaid provincial, private and public health development law Piesciorovsky & Assoc Health. It is one of the branches with the highest growth, not only because it legitimizes the task lawyer who acts as an advisor to the demands and rights of patients-customers who are not served by social work through shelters but also in consistency with the momentum of the administrative activity.

It is noteworthy parallel academic preparation had opportunity to Dr. Andrew Piesciorovsky at Duke University School of Law (the 8th rank USNews), regarding the law regarding Public Health Policy (Health Law and Public Policy, dictated by Prof. Barak Richman), which endorses such consolidated specialization in the field.

In this area we have a system of interactive forms that facilitate diligent and prompt management tasks entrusted understanding that the task needs to maximize the time of presentation and promotion.

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